James MacKay Foundation Inc.



“The light of the world is not only for those who can see; dreams are not just seen in black and white for you are a rainbow of possibilities.”



James MacKay Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit and a corporate foundation that acquires companies which help sustain the foundation and its 4 pillars: Education, Livelihood, Sports, and Healthcare.  The foundation desires a life of equal opportunities for our visually impaired brothers and sisters as it encourages people to help and spread the awareness about these children who have all the potentials in the world of becoming productive citizens.

                  The foundation supports the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB), the only residential national school for learners with visual impairment in the Philippines. It aspires to expand the PNSB’s causes to various provinces throughout the Philippines. Furthermore, the foundation also seeks to give opportunities to farmers and their families as the foundation focuses on its livelihood programs. In line with this, the foundation has acquired MLA Healthcare Enterprise Corporation and its product, Manna Plus on October 2017. The foundation and MLA Corporation will be setting up its own Malunggay farm and create sustainable jobs for our local farmers. This will offer them better trading conditions by planting Malunggay. Through this, we manufacture Manna Plus, a quality multivitamins which is 100% Filipino made, affordable yet very beneficial for the growth and development of children. Filipino families will benefit from Manna Plus as they give back to the hardworking Filipino farmers.

                  Knowing that there are still children who remain in the dark, James MacKay Foundation Inc. encourages you to “Dare to Care.”


James Ronaldson MacKay



Mark Lester Lico



Mafae Yunon Belasco

PR and Marketing Director



A future where everyone has a life of equal opportunities regardless of disability


To break the culture of treating the visually impaired as invalids

To transform the lives of the disabled and less fortunate by giving them hope

To support the disabled in their education, livelihood, sports, and healthcare

To support innovative projects that give the disabled an opportunity to improve their prospects and living conditions by practical means

We would love to hear your feedback!


We Would Love to Hear Your Feedback


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